Click Here for list of Buffet approved items from McLane 12/12/11

Click Here for list of Buffet items from McLane going away in Jan 2012 


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 Chicken and Dumplings  AuGratin Potatoes Bread Pudding with Frosting
 Chicken and Rice  Black Eyed Peas  Cobbler Crumb Dessert
 Chicken Enchilada  Broccoli Casserole  Gelatin
 Chicken Noodle Soup  Broccoli Floret Salad  Key Lime Dessert
 Chicken Pot Pie  Carrots (Hot Dish) Mousse Dessert
 Chicken Tetrazini  Collard Greens Old Fashion Fruit Cobbler (Pre-baked)
 Gizzards  Cooked Cabbage  Pudding
 HBBQ OR  Cornbread Stuffing  Whipped Topping
 Italian Chicken Speghetti  Creamed Corn  
 Livers  Fike's Garden Salad  
 Rotini Alfredo with Chicken  Fried Okra  
 Southern Style Chicken and Dressing  Great Northern Beans  
   Green Bean Casserole  
   Lima beans  
   Mac and Cheese (TUF)  
   Okra and Tomatoes  
   Pea Salad  
   Pinto Beans  
   Red Beans and Sausage  
   Red beans and Seasoning  
   Southern Style Cornbread  
   Turnip Greens  
   Twice Baked potato Casserole  
   White Hominy  
   White Rice  










 Chicken and Biscuits  Broccoli Rice Casserole TUF
 Bread Pudding
 Chicken and Dumplings TUF
 Broccoli Soup
 Chocolate Mousse Pie
 Chicken and Rice TUF  Chicken Noodle Soup

 Crumb Crust Graham and Chocolate       

 Chicken Chili Macaroni
 Fried Okra 1
 Freshly Made Cobbler Crumb Topping
 Chicken Chili
 Fried Squash
 Mousse Desserts
 Chicken Fried Steak
 Frozen Peas
 Peaches and Cream Pie
 Chicken Rice with Gravy
 Glazed Carrots
 Pudding Cake Lemon or Brownie
 Chicken Stuffing Casserole with White Gravy
 Homestyle Potatoes Au Gratin TUF
 Vanilla Mousse
 Chicken Tetrazini
 Mixed Greens
 Vanilla Pudding
 Homestyle Creamed Chicken and Noodle Casserole TUF
 Potato Casserole TUF
 Whipped Topping Michigan Dessert
 Southwest Chicken
 Prepared Salad
 Stuffing Rollups
 Ready Made Salads
 Sweet and Sour Chicken
 Spicy Stuffing
   Sweet and Sour Fruit Salad
   Uncle Bens Stuffing
   Vegetable Rice Pilaf
   White Rice
   Whole Kernal Corn Frozen
   Yellow Hominy