As with the modest beginnings of the Colonel. WMCR founder, and current President, Tim Fitzpatrick started out small, working in his stepfather's KFC after school and weekends. From those high school days, he learned the business inside and out and  from the floor up.

       As an adult, Fitzpatrick applied this restaurant "know-how" to own his own KFC restaurant. After several tough starts, his business finally took off. Over the years, the business grew steadily- first to 5 restaurants, then 8, and eventually to 12.

        In 1986, Fitzpatrick tripled his business holdings in KFC through a merger with a larger operation. The result was WMCR Corporation. In 1988 WMCR purchased the Grand Rapids, Michigan market consisting of 12 restaurants.  WMCR continued to grow with acquisition of the South Bend, Indiana market in 1990, and the Kokomo, Indiana market in 1993. In 1992 WMCR Corporation was acquired by KFC Corporation, and operated independently from KFC Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary until the spring of 1998.  Throughout WMCR's history it has leveraged opportunities to purchase and sell restaurants.  Today WMCR is again a franchisee of KFC and operates KFC's, KFC/Taco Bell's, and KFC/Long John Silver's in 29 cities throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana . 

 At WMCR, we believe success comes from two areas.

         1.  Focus on the Customer's needs, making them number one.

         2.  Having the best talent in the Industry, doing the same.

        Today, our restaurants have a whole new look and feel.  With attractive new decors inside and inviting exteriors, our KFC restaurants are places where people want to stay and enjoy their meal.  While still offering " chicken to-go" with the same friendly service, more people are staying to enjoy our pleasant surroundings and dining extras, such as Hearty Chicken Pot Pies, tender Colonel's Crispy Strips  , or in selected locations the Colonel's Buffet.

         The restaurant business is a lot like family, where everyone pitches in to get the job done. You work hard, have a good time and wind up with both a sense of satisfaction and close friends.

           WMCR is a solid company with growth potential for people of all ages. Approximately 40 percent of our management staff worked their way up through our Career Advancement Program.  All of our hundreds of employees from the customer and food service team members, to the managers and support staff equally have a chance to grow and learn with WMCR.

           WMCR is a growing company full of energetic, friendly people who are committed to personal and corporate growth.  We believe in getting to know our employees and making our customers happy.  At WMCR  we know that our success comes from people!